More fluidity in panes

Besides Obsidian, Notable is one of the other apps I use (particularly as a local idea storage), and one thing I found very useful about Notable (may have been inspired from Bear) is the idea of having my tag pane and search pane side by side instead of on different sides, or one on top of the other, or one behind the other.


Isn’t that enough for you?

As you can see :slight_smile: being able to navigate the tags while looking at the search results is easier on the mind when they’re side by side than when they’re on top of each other. If you have 3 tags, maybe its easy to track, but with 30 or more tags, that’s a different story. Now, lets try about 30 tags and over 50 notes. What I’m getting at is the scalability of the tags and notes will make navigating the notes via tags more cumbersome. Putting them side by side gives the user opportunity for more field of view.

@jellishero Hmm, thinking about a more specific feature request here. How about Allow search pane in main area? So if you could drag the search pane out into the main area like the backlinks pane. How does this sound to you?

I’m open to that, considering it brings more flexibility to the the customization. We already have that functionality for the backlinks, so maybe we can have it done for the other panes too.

My request was about displaying the pane windows can also use side-by-side look instead of it just being them on top of each other or behind one another. We can do the side-by-side look with the notes in the main window already, so maybe that ability would be welcome in the panes.

I only use TAGs as markers. In all the other software I used TAGs they just gave me a headache, and then I found this article that made perfect sense to me.

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Thanks for considering my suggestion :smiley:. The original feature request is somewhat vague so you might want to revise it to be more specific whether that is side-by-side panes within the sidebar and/or allowing the search pane to be anywhere. I think freeing up the search pane is already on the devs radar.

You can support more general request:

If you pin one search pane on the left, you will get exactly the layout suggested here.

Andy mode and hotkeys for swapping panes might be good complement then.