Allow Multiple search panes at the same time

Use cases

  • When I go through search results one-by-one, I sometimes need to perform another search, without loosing position in the first list.
  • When I have webpage open in browser, I have a hotkey in AutoHotkey to to extract it’s URL from address bar and query in Obsidian if the url is mentioned somewhere in the vault. I do not want to accidentally overwrite existing open search.
  • More fluidity in panes

Proposed solution

  • option: Hotkey to open new search pane, just like existing “Create note in new pane”.

  • option: On right click on search tab in left sidebar: ‟Open new search” (in new pane among other open panes in main workspace)

  • option: (Thinking in scope of Andy mode)
    When quick switcher is open, then pressing shortcut for “Toggle pin” (Ctrl+Shift+p) should open search results in new pinned pane and set focus to ( = activate) that pane, allowing to browse search results like normal page, with search dialog in the header like in search engine.
    Synergetically, repeated press (Ctrl+Shift+p+p) in quick switcher immediately unpins the pane created during first press of “p” so then the note we click on in search results, opens in the same pane, replacing search results, having the same effect as selecting the note directly in quick switcher.
    This expects that it is possible to have more searches open at the same time, which is currently possible e.g. in EmEditor as “Find in files” or in (Although there the search results do not update for changes made after search execution.)

Current workarounds

  • option: copy search results
    • disadvantage: copied search results are not updated
  • option: embed search
    • disadvantages: we first need to create containing note/file. We do not see results while editing search string.

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I would really love the ability to open independent search panes as well! I write a lot of searches and I don’t always want to overwrite past ones.

Use case