Quick switcher for current file

I’d love the ability to quick switch with fuzzy search to links found in the current file only.

For example, if current file has the following:

- [[link1]]
- [[link2]]
- [[link3]]

Then quick switcher would open with just those 3 links instead of all the files in the vault.

Just like Search in all files and Search current file, I think something like Open quick switcher and Open quick switcher for current file would be useful.


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Taking this a step further, this could be implemented with options to switch between internal/external links in the file, the headings in the file or code blocks in the file. Those three could be made available ideally as hotkeys so bringing them up could either be with the hotkey or by bringing up the command panel regularly and searching for this.

Essentially a way of navigating long notes without the need for either the outline plugin could be achieved with this, especially with the heading part of the possible options.

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This plugin with the setting to modal is maybe a first try to solve this. Although it has no quick switcher

Thanks for the related posts and plugins. It’s amazing how much development is happening for Obsidian.

I like @Rishi’s ideas as well. I think there is extra functionality in using a quick switcher because it enables you to navigate to areas that are offscreen. The modal thing is great, and I have a system-wide app that uses the same principle, but it is still limited to things that are currently visible on the screen.

Honestly, the more quick switchers the merrier for me :grinning: