Hotkeys to jump between links in a note

It would be nice to have hotkeys to jump both forward and backwards between links within a note. It would jump the cursor from link to link within note. It would bring cursor to immediately after the second opening bracket, and would work regardless of where cursor is initially. This would work well in conjunction with hotkey to follow link under cursor.



current workaround:

in edit mode:

  1. Run command “Search current file” via palette or hotkey. Search bar will appear under active pane.
  2. Type “[[” in search text box.
  3. Click “Prev” or “Next” buttons. (Hotkeys show on hover over these buttons).
  4. Edit: Sorry, I do know how to get caret desired place in editor from search box by keyboard only. Found instance gets only highlighted, not selected. So I have to pick mouse now.
    I would need Do not only highlight but select the matched text when searching in edit mode (Edit: now moved/merged to Keyboard-friendly Find - #3 by malecjan)
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Thanks. I didn’t think to use the built in. That will be easier to potentially set up an automated process with a macro for sure. I do know there is a plugin that does this and much more.

Now that I think of it, it could probably be possible to set up a macro to use the vim / key to search [ then enter then move right twice and press alt enter in order to open the next link in a note.

If not in vim mode, which, for me is 99% of the time, having a hotkey toggle would make it possible to have my macro explained above work while out of vim and returning you out of vim at end. I may feature request that, but am guessing this was done intentionally to avoid the supposedly historically common and stressful experience of getting in unintentionally. But that is just based on what I have heard in YouTube videos about other vim modes, but maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea in Obsidian. Who knows?

You probably already know all this, but I am just putting it out there just in case. Anyways, I’m not at a computer now, so don’t quote me on the vim search key, but I do know it worked when I tried it. I will check back and correct this if I was wrong. Thanks again.

The following plugin could be solution after some modification: