Search in quick switcher/command palette view

I think search option should be like quick switcher/command palette. It feel so comfortable while opening files


Yes! It would be great to combine Search and Quick Switcher.

I would love to have ALL Results with a word/phrase in Quick-Switcher, not only ones where the word/phrase is in the title. A good example is nvALT/nvULTRA where you have a toolbar where you can search and create new files.


I just wanted to create a feature request for this. Also supporting this request.

Edit: I have converted this post into separate feature request: Allow Multiple search panes at the same time

Thinking in scope of Andy mode:
When quick switcher is open, then pressing shortcut for “Toggle pin” (Ctrl+Shift+p) should open search results in new pinned pane and set focus to ( = activate) that pane, allowing to browse search results like normal page, with search dialog in the header like in search engine.

Synergetically, repeated press (Ctrl+Shift+p+p) in quick switcher immediately unpins the just created pane so the note we click on in search results, opens in the same pane, replacing search results, having the same effect as selecting it directly in quick switcher.
This expects that it is possible to have more searches open at the same time, which is currently possible e.g. in EmEditor as “Find in files” or in (Although there the search results do not update for changes made after search execution.)

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I would also prefer to have the search feature in the Quick Switcher.

Or at least the option to search for tags, but just with ‘#tag’ and not ‘tag:#tag’.
That would so make it so much quicker to work with tags.


I too would like the quick switcher to be able to search within files, because sometimes I want to open a file but can’t remember the exact name of the note. I can easily think of keywords to use to search for it.

If I’m working on my laptop, then I usually have all panels hidden except for the note that I’m working on - I really don’t want to have to open the search pane, perform a search and then (using the mouse) select the note… it would be so much more convenient to do this using the quick switcher.

NOTE: To ensure the Quick Switcher performs well, I would suggest that by default it should only search titles. To perform a full text search you should start the search with a symbol (such as “!”)


The search in nvAlt was so simple and quick that I used it without any thought. Obsidian has that same simple/quick combination for note titles with the Quick Switcher, but I find using the current “Search in All Files” often causes me to slow down and use the mouse.

This is my biggest ask for Obsidian after Live Preview. I can’t thumbs this up enough.


Came here to see if this was already a feature request. Big + 1 to implementing a nvALT type approach to the Quick Switcher where it can search the contents of a note as well as titles.

+1 for this

+1, this would be awesome and more consistent with most ⌘ + K apps

+1 to this. Really hoping that this will be implemented.

For people who are looking for a solution for this, the Omnisearch plugin is what you need.

+million on merging it into the main program as a replacement for all current search.

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