Option for pop-out windows to have panes as main window like file explorer and outline

Use case or problem

Loving the ability to use pop-out windows, but I wish I could create multiple windows while keeping the following layout in each window:

  • search pane
  • starred pane
  • file explorer
  • tag pane
  • outline pane
  • backlinks pane
  • graph pane

To me those are amazingly helpful for even navigating a single file. Can work around it right now by accessing those widgets in the main window, but would be nice if the new window came with it all, almost appearing like I’ve opened multiple vaults.

Proposed solution

Allow launching a pop-up window with the same set of panes and their layout as the main window.

Current workaround (optional)

Current workaround is just to alt-tab back to main window or just not use the features those other panes have.


Possibly related, as there could be similar issues of these pane widgets needing to affect only the active window:

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