Outline plugin should only affect active pane

Use case or problem

When having the same document open in two panes (e.g. writing notes at the bottom of the document in one pane, reviewing notes in the top/middle of the document in another pane), when focused on one of the panes, if you click a heading in the outline pane, it will scroll to that heading in BOTH of the panes with that document open, not the one pane that it focused.

Proposed solution

Clicking a heading in the markdown outline should only navigate to that heading in the active pane.

Current workaround (optional)

No workaround. Can’t use markdown outline navigation if you are working in two parts of the same document at a time.


Here’s a workaround that might work if you really want this as a one-off: create a symbolic link to the file so that Obsidian thinks they’re 2 different files when they actually update in unison.
Didn’t try it

I changed the post title to more precisely reflect the problem; let me know if you want something different and can’t change it. Thanks for bringing this up!

(Original title was “Heading navigation should only affect active pane”)

I think this has been solved.

The core plugin now reacts to the active pane rather than all linked panes.

sweet, yes it looks like it is fixed now!

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