Folding Embedded/Transcluded Notes

I’ve seen this mentioned in a few places, but I think it needs more attention. An option to temporarily collapse an embedded note would be great! The main use case I see for this is a situation where you have a list of embedded files, say various talking points that have their own file. When you’re done reading, you collapse and open up the next one in the list.
I also think that any folding should remember its state, at least temporarily. That is a separate thread already though.

On a side note, when WYSIWYG comes around, it would be pretty nifty to edit embedded notes. Just a thought!


Added “transcluded” to your topic title because that’s the exact term for embedding notes, so this idea is now searchable with both terms.

Re: your postscript—editable transclusions is on the radar. :crossed_fingers:


The idea does seem pretty cool.

Sweet! I think it would add a lot to the versatility, like how Notion can be a notebook, knowledge manager, agenda, or database.

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+1 I was doing exactly this in Notion with their hacky block references workaround. I would embed content with toggles and open/close as I went through it.

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I actually like a lot of what Notion does. My main problem is that it is browser-based and online-only. I hope Obsidian can compete in a similar space someday.

An option in the settings to fold transclusions, just like headers & indents.

This of course would take place in the preview.


For me that is the most interesting part of this request.


+1 to editable/scaleable transclution

An emphatic +1 to Folding Embedded/Transcluded Notes.
Is this in the roadmap?

+1 too.
It would be nice too if not only the whole note but the sections (headers, lists) would be foldable.


I completely agree.

I was surprised that even though I have the settings for folding headers & indents enabled that I was unable to fold them in a transcluded note.

It’s awkward & counterintuitive to me to have a note where you can fold headers/indents & this note contain a transcluded note also with headers/indents, but the ones in the transcluded note to not be foldable.

+1 Yes please on this feature! Would make embedding/transcluding a WAY more powerful tool.
Would be great for making big indexes/MoCs!

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I find that this would be a really helpful feature. I can think of many use cases, but will describe only one (different from the one above).

When making notes, I often like to have an ‘inset’ where I explore a matter, or describe an exercise. I would like to fold it this inset (transclusion) as it is not part of the main thread, so that it does not appear when I would like to focus on the main thread.

I have used headings to approximate this behaviour, but folding a heading also folds material below it until the next heading of an equivalent or higher priority.

A folding inset would be most useful in this regard, enhancing the clarity and succinctness of a note while still making available sub-threads from a different note. A folding inset that remembers its status across sync would be even better.