Allow folding *in* rendered transcluded notes

Use case or problem

When using transcluded notes, I’ve noticed that the content of the transcluded note cannot be folded as source of the transclusion can, as shown below:

This is particularly problematic for me as I use transclusion quite a bit and tend to break up content in my notes with headers, lists, etc. that can be folded. When transcluding a note from another, suddenly all of the vertical space in my screen is consumed by the fully unfolded note that I just transcluded.

Proposed solution

Simply enable the rendered transclusion of a note to fold in the same places that the original note could.

Current workaround

Not really a workaround, but when I need to save vertical screen real estate and I find myself in the position where a transcluded note is consuming most/all of it, I’ll simply collapse the transclusion, itself.

This is sub-optimal as it now hides some subset of content in that note that I wanted to remain visible (so that I would visually notice it during the course of a given activity).

(un)Related feature requests

Please note, this is not (as far as I understand it) related to other topics that have requested the ability to fold the entire transcluded note … like the following:


+1, yes please

+1, very needed