Convert embedded blocks/headers/files to source text

While writing, you can embed other notes which had been written previously.

But in the end, I hope for every embedded block, there is a converter that copies and pastes the source text into the current note.

Only after that, it is a complete article which can be posted elsewhere.


How would you use that in your workflow?

The idea came from Luhmann’s slip-box, and the workflow looks something like this:

  • You write some short notes every day, each one specifying only one thing or idea.
  • When you collect enough materials on a topic, you combine the relative notes into an article. In Obsidian, you create a new note, writing some words to connect those notes which were embedded in.

Although the embedded notes were shown in the preview pane, they were just links and could not be posted to the internet.

Thanks for the clarification.
So to rephrase your request—you want the ability to export a document with all the linked/embedded blocks “baked in”. This way you’ll be able to publish it somewhere else as a finished product.

I’d use such a thing, too.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I think.
Your expression is much more accurate!
It’s the outcome, not the process, that counts.

I would love to see this as well, for similar reasons to OP. We atomize notes so that we can combine in new ways through embedding - it would be ideal to be able to convert these “new” notes into a proper note/essay/document of itself.

I’m quite surprised this hasn’t gotten more support, but hopefully being bumped to the top will get it some deserved attention!


Sometimes it would be nice to be able to create a list of links and have a function to automatically replace all of those links with the actual content from each of the notes, note headers, or note blocks.

It would be good to be able to do this to a single link, multiple selected links, or all links within a note.


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Wouldn’t that be a total “misuse” of the benefits transclusion is offering or do I misunderstand/misinterpret your request?


Contrast to your request, If there is a request to reduce a selected portion of notes into a saving linked md, pls share it. I would love to upvote.

This request: Link —> Contents
Looking for: Contents —> Link

@Kiroro I believe the request you want is Extract Note / Refactor

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I can’t think of any way other than individually copying and pasting the contents of individual notes to do this.

My idea is to be able to get access to the notes in their coded format as opposed to the preview format that transclusion provides.

The benefit of this to me would simply be combining the many notes together without all the hassle. Come to think of it, I have already requested this before and I think you actually had commented on a posted response that simplified the workflow I suggested. Here: Note Combo-Linker

There may be an opportunity to have something that takes a list of transcluded notes and allow for the result to be selected in a quasi-WYSIWYG. I saw some good ideas about transcluded notes being editable here: Folding Embedded/Transcluded Notes

I got a little confused and intimidated by the coding for the refactor/extractor merged topic but now looking at it with fresh eyes am seeing the exact parallels. My bad. Here it is: Extract Note / Refactor


I very much would like this feature. I also fear that if obsidian were to stop existing, the proprietary features like the link to block will not work in other apps and my notes would not be understandable. Im very much worried about the longevity of my notes.