Note Combo-Linker

Originally, I posted this as plugin, but reconsidered, and think this could be a feature.

It would be cool to be able to quickly combine the content of multiple links (if in editor) or nodes (if in graph view), or even notes (if in file explorer) into a new note. Perhaps, there could be a setting for the max number of lines to include.

I could see some advanced features allowing for adjusting the hierarchy of the composite with relative ease in the process, potentially allowing a commit that would actually link those notes to each other based on that hierarchy, although that would be a bonus feature, yet very powerful. Additionally, by selecting multiple notes in explorer and clicking a create button, it could interpret already existing hierarchy into the composite note for those source notes.

In real time, it could order the source content based on sequence of clicks, and neatly format the new composite note with headers, with undo capabilities. Also, there could be a toggle for whether you want the new note to be linked to or from the source notes, if at all.



Hm. I’m not sure I’m following the idea correctly. Do you think it’s comparable to Extract Note / Refactor?

I would not want the source notes to be affected. I see it as more of a way to combine different combinations of notes into new rough draft ideas. Those same source notes would continue to be used in concert with other notes to create additional rough draft idea combinations.

The part in my post about creating and interpreting links between notes in hierarchy should probably be separated into separate idea, but honestly I think the interface I imagine could lend itself to being quite helpful in that context.

Thanks for reading my request. It is nice to be heard.

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Ohhh, I undestand! Makes much more sense now. So like, you tap “Combine notes,” and then click on three notes, and voila—a new pane appears with the contents of those three notes.


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My preferred process with emphasis on notes’ sequence:

Bring in transcluded notes in preferred sequence, in a new or existing (intermixed native and transcluded) notes


and have the entire notes “exported” as new .md with subnotes expanded into full text.



That would be really neat indeed!

That’s how Niklas Luhman did manage to write hundreds of articles a year (and not to forget minimum one book a year on top of that).

The idea not to change the original notes is key here. Allthough I am not sure Luhman would have done it like that (personal opinion).

The copy-pasting is a ‘workaround’ for me. One I could live with BTW. So certainly a good idea to explore!

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I’ll add my +1 to this. I’m using Text {{expand}} a lot, and it would be great to be able to select some of the results and automatically combine them into a separate note.

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+1 , definitely would be helpful. Its like note refractor but on a global scale.

+1 one from me as well.

I asked here about the possibility to compile a whole document from a MOC and someone in my thread and @I-d-as was so kind to point me at his thread here