Link to callout heading

Use case or problem

Callouts are a great feature because they enable us to highlight a section or even add collapsible detail without collapsing the text below (as one would with a subheading - see my previous request about foldable transclusions below).

I often use the callouts to draw attention to important pieces of information or summaries within a longer note, and sometimes I would like to link to them from within the note or another note (as one would with a heading).

Proposed solution

I propose that the callouts that have a heading become visible and linkable from the heading list using


or, if this syntax is to be reserved only for headings, by use of an additional character, such as


I know of no way to create this behaviour at present.

Related feature requests


Does linking to the whole callout not do what you want?



Is there anyway to template that? I have a weekly note roundup and I want to pull in the notes from each day that are located in a callout. The above works but there seems to be no way that I can determine or preset that link.

If you begin typing a link to the file like this: [[Some file#^ then the suggester will show blocks you can link to. Keep typing something from the callout, then when it’s selected in the suggester, hit enter and the link will be generated and an id inserted.

In other words, you don’t really need a template, just use the built-in link suggester to create the link. If you don’t want to type the whole filename to start, you can use the suggester to create a link to the file, then backspace off the closing ]] and type #^ to start picking targets in the file.


I am uising a callout in my daily notes, I have a daily summary area. I also have a template to create a weekly note, and I want to include the content from each day’s summary (the callout). My weekly template is virtually worthless if I have to open it up every time I create one and go about using the suggester to pull in each summary. :-/

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I have a similar workflow too. I’d suggest using dataview (adding inine field) to gather all the relevant daily sessions and put them into your weekly note. For example, I have the following session in my daily note:

#### Improvement for Tomorrow
> [!todo] Dim:: 

It’s also a callout, but I’ve added the inline view Dim (i.e., Daily Improvement). And on my weekly note I use the following dataview to query them:

FROM "Journal"
WHERE Dim AND file.ctime > (date({{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}) - dur(7 days))
sort ASC

It’s not the most pretty but it works.

Hi Angel,

Thank you for your suggestion. A link to a callout heading would be helpful because the heading usually has meaning, but this is a great workaround that I had not thought of as I have not used block references before.

Create the link once, then change the ID from the autogenerated one to something like ^summary, in both the link and the target. Then use that in your template. The ^id part of a link can be any alphanumeric string you want, it’ll just be the same in each daily note.

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Are there any plans to fix this? I’m generating my notes from another source and all links to headers inside callouts fail.