Command to convert heading to callout

Use case or problem

Sometimes it is preferable to contain information within a callout, rather than a heading. If the note is mature and there are multiple lines already contained under a heading, i.e, a bulleted list, it could be slow to make the change.

Proposed solution

Add a command to convert a selected heading and the text beneath it into a callout. In lieu of selected text, all content beneath a heading until the next heading is included.
  1. Select heading and desired content it contains
  2. Execute command
  3. Callout is created with the heading as the title and the content included in the body

Current workaround (optional)

  • Search and replace if a bulleted list is used (i.e., replace - with > -
  • Just use headings

Related feature requests (optional)


This sounds like a good Plugin Idea rather than a Feature Request as it’s a very specific need.

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I think you’re probably right, but I wasn’t sure at the time of writing where it belonged.