Append independent quasi-editable embeds without propagation to source

Use case or problem

Couldn’t come up with a better topic name at the moment. My use case is any time you might want to add to but not edit embedded content without affecting the source note.

Proposed solution

This idea is inspired from references in 3ds Max. I am not sure of the technical term but it is probably not unique to 3ds Max.

Basically, the ability to take an instance of an object (in Obsidian, the parallel is an embed) and make it a referenced embed.

This would mean that, as described in my use case, any modification to the reference is not applied to other instances and the source object, but is instead on top of whatever content is sent in from the live dynamic source note.

And, this is where it kind of diverges from the 3ds Max analogy in that, in my request here, you would be unable to actually manipulate the note content, but rather only be able to add to within it.

Of course, if we ever get editable embeds, then I think this request with editing would be applicable. But, For now, I see this request as a sort of stepping stone towards that, but limited to only add content at certain points in a note that will continue to be edited. And as it is edited that source note content will continue streaming into the areas of embedded content between the text interruptions you have introduced to this reference.

And, of course, it would be cool to be able to embed these references and create further iterations, with the exception of adding these to the source note which would be kind of recursively disorienting if possible.

I do understand that, in a way this is a form of editing the embed but I draw a distinction because nothing is modified or removed, just appended which I would imagine makes it much more possible and quite different and less helpful than editable embeds. But it could be helpful if you ask me. I can provide further specifics to my use case if anyone is interested, but this is already longer than needed, and for that I apologize.

Related feature requests (optional)

The editable embed aspect of this: Folding Embedded/Transcluded Notes