Creates a global alias for the internal link without creating a file

The current situation is to create an alias for the file name.
More often, however, Want to create global aliases for internal links that do not have files created.
This can better improve the Knowledge Network.

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It would seem this is what the [[any-kind-of-link-to-anything|alias]] syntax achieves, or I don’t understand what you want. :slightly_smiling_face:


To build on KillerWhale’s point: Global aliasing can be achieved by adding this to the top of your note called a

aliases: an alias name

Which allows you to link to the note via either [[a note]] or [[an alias name|a note]]. Both will auto-fill as you type. (See help docs here).

Fanshu’s wording is ambiguous enough that I’m not sure if I fully understand, but here is my crack at it, as I also find this feature request appealing:

When an alias is defined under the aliases metadata, disallow creation of a file with that name and just have the raw link point to the file with the alias.

So, as per the example above, both [[a note]] and [[an alias name]] would point to a with aliases frontmatter as defined above.

I also find this functionality desirable, because it is more DRY with regard to note-name usage.


Are there any updates on this topic?

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I hope the defined frontmatter (aliases: an alias name) of the page [[a note]] can directly work as [[an alias name]] instead of [[a note | an alias name]].

Sorry, but this doesn’t work. If you try to make [[an alias name]] Obsidian proposes [[a note|an alias name]]. It doesn’t accept just [[an alias name]]. It will create a new page if you click on that link.

The syntax OP would like to have featured would be more aligned with [[any-kind-of-link-to-anything|aliasA|aliasB|aliasC]] or perhaps nested aliases such as: [[Topic[[Definition]]]], where [[any-kind-of-link-to-anything]] would link to each [[aliasA]] and [[aliasB]] and [[aliasC]], creating and/or appending/linking each alias with all others and to the original file [[any-kind-of…]], as well.

The ability to alias liberally and with limited friction provides a sort of organic (and therefore useful) disambiguation-anator.

Kind of like inline synonyms.

There is a solid disconnect between capability and user-needs as this is a #feature-requests which a sizeable subset of the userbase keeps asking for, yet despite best attempts at explaining, remains lacking or without adequate solution.

Perhaps Obsidian “is not the PKM we are looking for.” However, it seems as though this is a potential feature squarely in-line (#puns) with Obsidian’s (or a plugin’s) capabilities…

See similar topics:

Is there another way of understanding this?

It feels like an artifact of the Editor/Preview dualism at the core of Obsidian’s design?

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