Nesting functional links within link names

Use case or problem

I would like to automate the process of creating clumps of links.

Proposed solution

First you could define shortened functioning link names that go to desired notes. Then you could create a new note that contains those links. And in order to avoid unintended nested linking, it could require you add a certain symbol before these aliases in these links.

It might be a nice bonus feature for it to recognize the aliases within note name and automatically add the actual full length links at the top of the note.

To be clear, these links would direct you to different notes depending on which part of the link you click on.

Current workaround (optional)

By creating MOC notes, and using note previews when ctrl hovering over links to those MOCs, you can achieve similar functionality without the simplicity and automation.


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Not sure if I understand the request.
Does the recent implementation of link aliases allow to achieve desired workflow/functionality/purpose?
Or do you want to specifically materialize “redirect” pages/notes as files separate from target file? Or something else?

Not really. This idea was to achieve the following scenario. You want to create a new note and have it link to note A B and C within itself, and link to A B and C within other notes.

So you create a new note X and within its name you add the special symbol then aliases for note A B and C. This automatically adds those links within that note. But it also acts as like a little mini MOC in that adding a link to this note actually is effectively adding links to A B and C. To be clear, depending on which alias within the actual link name you click (or if in edit mode ctrl click), you would actually be sent to that corresponding note. So if you regularly link to A B and C, you would save time by just adding note X.

I was also thinking this could be layered. So if you added an alias for note X and Y within a link name, it would automatically link to X Y A B and C. And when defining aliases for note X, you would have to define which part of it went to A B and C. I’m not exactly sure what the best syntax would be, but it would be powerful for branching enthusiasts like myself.

Thanks for asking.

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Updates on this feature request? Or recommendations for achieving this function with another technique? @WhiteNoise

Thanks for such a great User Community!


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giving my vote here. This would be a great feature to have