Handling nested links (different from nested tags)

I have found it very useful in Roam to be able to type something like [[meeting with [[Sally]]]] in which the title of a page itself contains a link to another page.

This feature request is really two separate requests:

  1. to support such links, if possible
  2. failing support for such links, a way to handle them on import from Roam (which does).

Suggestion for 2: Convert

[[meeting with [[Sally]]]]


[[meeting with Sally]] (it currently stripps the second link text entirely)
and add [[Sally]] in the first line below the title.


Yes, nested links would be very cool! Not only for those who import notes from Roam, but in general.

References should be allowed anywhere. [[Sally]] does not only make sense in plain text, but also in note titles and headlines.

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Throwing my support behind this. Would really like this functionality. I used it a lot in Roam.

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Nice. Somehow I missed this thread when I created this request: Nesting functional link aliases within link names


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Casting my ‘yes’ vote here.

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+1, still.

+1, please keep making link more powerful.