Create note content inline when creating linked note

This feature should allow newly created note to contain a text

1.Let’s say I am wrting in Note 1
2. I want to create note about term x [[term x]] without leaving Note 1, and I want to remember context I wanted for note x
3. I could create [[term x:: term x is important because XYX]], this could create note “term x” with “term x is important because XYX” as a first sentence, the body of text of Note 1 will contain only [[term x]]
4. Alternative: This could be an action for keyboard maestro maybe if some could configure it this way


Interesting. Would this be resolved by an “extract note” feature? I’m tempted to collapse this request in here: Extract Note / Refactor

Hard to say…

My proposed use case is more useful for rapid prototyping other notes without losing the context I have for them without leaving the main note …

The are complementary approaches, but not the same
They could probably use the same interface/mechanism to do the same, but I think from the UX perspective there are a little bit different (my proposition work better for fast adding content, but not so good to add a title to existing content, the refractor proposition will work great for adding a title to existing notes, but it will lead to more actions in my use case )

But you could merge this, the discussion may be interesting (and also devs could have resources to implement only one way of doing it)

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Nah, it sounds different enough to stand on its own. Thanks for the elucidation!

I use LaunchBar on the Mac which allows one to do many such things without leaving the context of work. For example, I would be commenting here and some idea strikes me suddenly, I quickly use my shortcut to bring up LaunchBar (which looks like Spotlight/Alfred/Obsidian command palette), enter text mode, type something quick, hit tab, pick a file, select append to file and hit enter. It seems like a few keystrokes, but it’s the quickest path to typing something to be appended/prepended to a file.

Your request/idea gave me a thought of how it might be implemented because I see some issues with your method of using :: to add content inline. Firstly, if the note already exists, how does Obsidian handle this text? Always append to the end of the note or have a preference to select prepend/append/replace? Secondly, since typing the [[ puts the cursor before the ending ]], once the user types the note and content and moves the cursor beyond the last link brackets, suddenly removing the text might be jarring especially if it were longer than 2-3 words and also how does the user know that the text was successfully added to this note?

So I propose a slight modification to how it might work while maintaining your original incredible idea. The user after having typed the note title [[term x]] could press the hotkey to bring up the command palette which has new actions like Append text and Prepend text. Selecting them and hitting tab allows to enter text inside the command palette itself and hitting enter would commit where the command palette can show help text notifying that the text is being appended/prepended to term x note. The actions themselves can have assignable hotkeys so the first step is eliminated entirely.


This is a great idea. Any updates on it?

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I’d so find this useful.



Or another one bitez the duzt?

“So many disparate use cases begging for a single, simple, unifying solution…”
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“Why can’t I create content in another file from within my active file?”
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“Folderz, tagz, 'r linkz; Oh my!?!”
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