Can I Replicate This Critical Roam Research Feature?

There is one key feature in Roam Research that is critical to my workflow. It is the ability to see all entries that are subordinated to a page in Roam.

For example, if I create the following:
[[Daily Journal]]
- Entry

When I click on the Daily Journal page it will show me all of the entries throughout my Roam database that are created and subordinated under the heading [[Daily Journal]].

If I duplicate this same content in Obsidian, when I go to the “Daily Journal” page, the page is empty and I can see the linked mention in the sidebar, but no content.

I know you can add transclusions in Obsidian, but it is not practical for me to manually create a new entry on a page every time I create a new link under [[Daily Journal]].

For example, in Roam I use the following syntax for every meeting I have:
[[Meeting]] - [[John Doe]] - [[Acme Project]]

When I click on any of the above, I can view the content from all of my meetings, or every interaction with John Doe, or anything related to the Acme Project.

I have tried making Logseq and Obsidian play nice, but it is not solid enough for me to trust my data, so I need to stick with either Obsidian or Roam.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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I think you can use the 'Dataview" plug-in and then paste the following, replacing ‘TOC’ with the path to your desired folder:


That’s not part of dataview that is just the query syntax included by default. Works just fine of course but you don’t need dataview to use that.

if you want to make dataview queries, they are formatted like this:

table -Your_YAML-
from -Tag or other id-
where -conditions-
order desc/asc

This is great for querying YAML metadata but it currently doesnt show context like the standard query does so that might be a better fit.

If you hover over “Daily Journal” in Linked Mentions, do you see little up and down ^?

I don’t know if this is from a plug-in I installed at some point, but if I want to expand content, I just have to hover. Or I can click “Show More Context” icon in the panel and it will all expand.

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