Add a toggle to disable automatic merging of changes

Is there any way to alter this behavior so Obsidian does not auto-merge them? I want to disable this (IMO) dangerous behavior.


edit: I found this in the 0.11.6 release notes, so that seems to be when it started:

When a change is made to a note on disk, but you also have changes in Obsidian that hasn’t been auto-saved (within 2 seconds), the two versions will now be merged automatically.

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@WhiteNoise now that I know there is no way to disable this currently, can you please move this to Feature Requests?

Perhaps a setting similar to the following would be best.

Merge Changes:

  • Automatically
  • User Confirmation Required (Perhaps with the ability to review changes before confirming.)
  • Never

I’m convinced this is being caused (or at least exacerbated) by Apple’s “magical” iCloud file abstraction / obfuscation or whatever you want to call it.

I think what’s happening is that file writes into the iCloud Drive location ~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/ are being intercepted by the OS, and managed/queued somehow before being committed milliseconds later. Obsidian is mis-interpreting this as a separate file change and thus data is getting duplicated.

We can’t do anything about Apple/iCloud so the only way forward I can see to mitigate this is (as @varian93 suggests) making it an option to either:

  • ignore these automatic merges
  • prompt the user before merging them

I just spent the last 3 hours trying to repro this by toggling on/off various plugins, quitting and launching Obsidian etc. I just can’t reproduce it reliably. It happens! I am not crazy. Again I am convinced it’s some wierdness with the filesystem / iCloud.

I am now again fearful of losing information that I’m putting into Obsidian. I have backups but it’s not enough, even losing 1-2 hours of work/research is really not nice.

@Licat I really hope you can make the automerge a toggle so we can work around whatever is doing this. :pray:

I’ve been having this same thing occur. The pop-up happens so fast that I would often miss what it said. I kept noticing not all of what I’ve written would stay there (or it will have parts of what I’ve written duplicated). It would just disappear. Today was the first day that I noticed what it actually stated.

I will say that I’m working from a Windows laptop and I’m using sync. I’m not using any sort of other storage option like Dropbox/Google or such. If anyone needs further information about my settings, or computer information please let me know.

I also have the following plugins active: Calendar, Journey, Note Refractor, and Periodic Notes. Day Planner is on my system, but not turned on currently.

I’ve also had the same thing happen to me. I also have Day Planner enabled.

This is killing me too – I don’t think I can use Obsidian in its current state anymore which is an issue since it has years of my knowledge-base and notes in it. My vault lives on a Box drive and recently auto-save has been creating sync conflicts resulting in duplicated files on my Box drive. To make matters worse, Obsidian is auto merging in outdated edits effectively wiping out data silently.

Does anyone know how to “downgrade” Obsidian to an earlier release? I’m curious if that would work since this behavior I’m observing is new.