[Bug] “modified externally” message constantly appears, erasing my text


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.4

I have an issue similar to this thread, but unfortunately the OP’s solution isn’t relevant to my use case: Conflict with logseq? content of a document erased

As this poster says, “I started typing in a document and started getting ephemeral pop-up windows: ‘… has been modified externally, merging changes automatically’. also, the last couple words of what I was writing started to changes places or disappear.”

In my case, this is not a pop-up window, but a small colored bar at the bottom of the window on my iPad.

It happens constantly, erasing and re-arranging the last few words I’ve typed. Unlike the other thread, I’m not using any other apps with my Obsidian Vault, so there’s nothing I know of that could be causing a conflict.

This behavior began when I purchased Obsidian Sync, and had been syncing via iCloud before. Any thoughts or ideas about how to make this stop?


Take the vault off of iclould.

Thank you! I can’t find clear instructions for properly moving my iCloud vault to Obsidian sync. When I rename the iCloud vault, Obsidian iOS gets confused, then sees the renamed vault when I open all my vaults. What is the proper way to move the vault?

Is there any solution other than removing from iCloud? That’s a pretty important feature for me. You shouldn’t have to not use iCloud just so you don’t receive notifications after every keystroke.

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That answer was to neonplants, who was using Obsidian Sync + iCloud. As the sync help pages say, using multiple sync solutions is a bad recipe for race conditions and bugs.

If you aren’t using Obsidian Sync, you may not have to move your vault off of iCloud. (Lots of people have bugs and issues with iCloud. But lots use it without any issues.) But using both at the same time is absolutely not a good idea!

If you are not using Obsidian Sync, and you are experiencing that popup issue, and if you want an alternative solution, please give more information about your setup. Because it’s likely some 2nd syncing tool causing the issue.