Conflict with logseq? content of a document erased

I am a casual user. I use the same folder for logseq. I started typing in a document and started getting ephemeral pop-up windows: “… has been modified externally, merging changes automatically”. also, the last couple words of what I was writing started to changes places or disappear. then the entire content of the document disappeared. that markdown file now has no content.

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I’ve always used Obsidian with folders that are accessed by other editing apps - it sits on top of such folders. I have never experienced a problem. And I often have a file open in five apps simultaneously.

There are a number of threads where people explain how they combine Logseq and Obsidian using the same folders.

I have checked out Logseq a few times and always uninstalled it fast. I find it too unstable for me.

The key issue with all programs that autosave or sync files is the risk of conflict of versions or saves. The message received by the OP indicates such a conflict, but there was no description of how autosave or sync was set up in either program. iirc Logseq’s default is to sync with Git. Obsidian’s default has autosave but no sync.

what are the relevant save or sync things to look at?

All of them.
Personally, I don’t experience problems with autosave functions - the programs I use seem able to work together.

I’m guessing that your problem comes when typing in Obsidian. If I assume that you have no sync active and the file is not in a web-synced folder like gdrive, dropbox etc, then that may point to Logseq as being the culprit changing the file externally. I would check whether you have Logseq syncing with Git which is its default setting. If so, I’d switch that off and make it work purely locally and set up a sync/backup solution separately.
But someone who actually uses Obsidian and Logseq together should be able to give more expert advice.

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(tho I don’t know what that means) I disabled git auto commit and that seemed to solve the problem, thanks.

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