A Typora-like editing mode (edit and preview at the same time)

I’m wondering if it’s possible to have another editing mode of WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean), just like Typora. It would help a lot to remove unnecessary distractions when you’re busy in PWM.

  • Another feature request: Please support rendering the metadata. Alternatively, I need to modify my css file to change the appearance at current time, and I’m not sure if it’ll work well in the future.

  • And an issue here: It seems that the scrolling speed is faster in editing mode than it’s in preview mode.


+1 WYSIWYM ftw :slight_smile:


And an issue here: It seems that the scrolling speed is faster in editing mode than it’s in preview mode.

This is not surprising: in editing mode, the text in the file is shown “as is” whereas in preview mode some processing has to be done. If you look at your example from Typora, you can literally see the processing being done when one or a few words are transformed. Imagine doing that to the entire content being displayed instead of just a few words.


While enhancements to the editor are in the roadmap, there’s nothing stopping you from using Typora with an Obsidian vault. I’ve played with it a bit and seems to work fine. Others have also reported using iAWriter and 1Writer along with Obsidian on mobile. I forget now if Typora supports linking like Obsidian now but most markdown stuff is all the same.


Rishi above mentioned the roadmap, which you can find here. Though currently in the long-term section, the devs are aware of the desire for a Typora-like interface.
I for one am totally behind this, especially if I am to switch to Obsidian as a primary notetaking application.


Thanks for your reply. But I thought the content in preview mode has already been processed when page scrolls. Maybe I misunderstand what you mean, lets make it clear by showing an example here:

As you can see, the scrolling speed in the editing mode is slightly faster than in the preview mode while I’m keeping the same moving speed on Multi-Touch, which make it a little harder to focus on specific line.

I’ve been thinking one possible reason, maybe the inconsistency is caused by different width of the actual content (Editing mode is more narrow for including an extra pad to show line numbers)?

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Happy to know it’s in the roadmap. Yes, I take Typora as my primary note-taking application at current time, and I think I will transfer to Obsidian as it gets better.


Thank you for showing me the roadmap, and I appreciate for what you guys has been done!

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Great! Btw I must mention that we are mere users of the app just like you and not in the dev team.


Haha, yeah. I’m not a dev, just a user. The devs have little shield icons next to their profiles, as you can see in the announcements section.


I do most of my writing and editing outside Obsidian. Partly because I use Android most of the time, but partly because the feature sets are different. Being able to do this is one of great features of Obsidian.

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I second this suggestion to have WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean), just like Typora. I am no fan of Markdown because it fills the text with Markdown which makes the text difficult to read. (I am a fan of Markdown when it comes to the power of what it can do!) I think through writing (typing). What I type into Obsidian is not a complete thought, it is in the typing out that my thoughts emerge. Changing to the preview window is sort of a workaround. Having WYSIWYM is a good compromise. :slight_smile: Just my two cents. :slight_smile:


+1 to this! It’s the only BIG feature missing that prevents me from fully adopting Obsidian.


I’m using both Roam and Obsidian at the moment while I decide which to fully migrate to. Obsidian is perfect, apart from this. In Roam I don’t always have to switch between edit and preview mode which I find a real distraction and workflow bottleneck in Obsdn. Can’t wait to see this essentail feature integrated! When it does I’ll be in with both feet!


That’s what everyone wants.
I hope it is the next feature to be developed.


I don’t think it’s what everybody wants, but a subset of people, just like people would even want a more plain text / Markdown look (like me) for the editor.

The same reasons that were brought up “against” a pure markdown view (which in my opinion could be just text with highlighted Markdown syntax, as I made my theme look like), are the same reasons “for” it — e.g. I would want to see the exact links all the time.

Arguing for this kind of work view in addition to the currently existing workflow is totally fine for me, but instead of would be something I disagree with.

On a personal side of needs, there’s about as much additional value in WYSIWYM as a Andy Matuschak view. It looks nice, it is great for consumption — which are two things that come for me after text work and production, and not instead, nor in front.


Totally agreed here, and just want to note that Typora also has a source code mode for people who don’t like WYSIWYM or need precise configuration (which I often do to Typora tables).

Slightly off-topic: I think Typora is a product well worth looking into in every aspect in terms of UX. It is the best markdown editor I’ve used so far, in that it’s really “fluent”. And IMHO that level of fluency cannot be achieved without WYSIWYM, e.g. a user-friendly table editor.


For me it is an intrinsic part of workflow. Write, look at screen, weigh it up, maybe revise a little, write some more. Anything that distracts from seeing only the writing is an impediment. I need to review what the reader will see.


Fair enough, and so do i! I just do revising / reviewing as the very last part (where I’d find a Typora like environment probably very useful). But until then, the workflow needs to serve me, not a reader.


I see this as a further stage before editing (and that I will do outside the program). But the reading is an intrinsic part of the writing stage.

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