What is the WYSIWYG?

Guys can somebody explain in practicality what is the WYSIWYG?
How the current Obsidian will differ from Obsidian (WYSIWYG)?

WYSIWYG is What You See Is What You Get.
Some Markdown editors could render markdown the same time you are editing it (Currently in the Obsidian you could change between two modes, Preview and Edit)

The goal of the developers is to develop such feature in Obsidian.
You could see how this is implemented in markdown editors like Typora (most known WYSIWYG text editor is Word).

The alternative approach is WISIWYM - What You See Is What You Mean (example of it is how html code is structured, or the markdown in the edit mode)

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You must know roam research, so in roam research if you create a checklist and then you hit ‘Enter’ to create another line, you see the checkbox like in the preview mode of Obsidian.
WYSIWYG is basically a baby of Editor mode and Preview mode

You could think of WYSIWYG like being able to edit preview mode directly without typing markdown symbols.

There is a spectrum of WYSIWYG editors. Some completely hide the source markup (Microsoft Word, Google Docs). Others will show you the markup when a line is active (Typora, Roam). The plan for Obsidian is to be more like Typora.