Markdown Preview In-time

I really love obsidian and I’m obsessed with the link everywhere notion. I wanna obsidian getting better.

I firmly believe the way of instantly showing markdown like Typora is better when typing. By the way, you don’t need to split your screen into two parts.

What you want is WYSIWYG, like Typora. WYSIWYG is on Licat’s roadmap, it may even be on the short term list, although I think it got a bit delayed by Obsidian Mobile.

You don’t need to split the note into two parts for casual use. Just assign a hotkey for preview mode in settings. This way while typing, if you want to view the note’s preview, you can quickly do so by the hotkey.

@Daniyal-Ahmed: there ia already a standard hotkey for that: Cmd/CTRL+E.

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