Ability to Have Editor or Preview Mode Optional

While I know the editor and preview modes of Obsidian may me enjoyed by many of its users. And while original liking preview mode because it saved me from unintentionally editing my text. I would now love for the above still to work without having to switch to preview mode to view the formatting of my notes. No editor, in a sense, I guess. Would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts.

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You can set a hotkey to set the default view to Preview. Then all notes would open in preview mode preventing any editing by default.

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Hi Rishi, I think what I was more going for here is the ability to remove the editing pane completely, so that everything is done in the one “preview” pane. Hope this was clearer.

Oh I see. There’s a request for this feature to have one mode for everything like Typora. You can follow this conversation here. It is on the roadmap already.

¿ Is it worth keeping this as separate feature request from A WYSIWYM (Typora-like) editing mode ?