Rookie question - how to hide brackets, etc

Hey guys. First of all thank you for a great app. I just got hip to the new note-taking revolution, and Roam was my first stop. Obsidian was my second. Weighing a move to Roam before they start charging me. But I have a question that has probably been answered ad nauseum:

Does a setting exist that will hide the brackets and double asterisks and such from the notes? Roam has such a setting, and it’s just a lot easier on the eyes.

Only in preview.

I’d expect it in the editor when the WYSIWYG editor arrives.

If you want, you can split panes horizontally, have the preview take most of the space, and work in the editor. Preview updates pretty quickly. Achieves something of the same effect.

Thanks. And is it correct that I cannot click links in edit mode? I swore I could do that just yesterday.

Don’t think you can. I don’t remember ever being able to.

Thanks again. What does “link in pane” actually do?

Actually, Ctrl+Click should do the trick for opening link in edit mode.

Also, you can put a cursor on a link and press Ctrl+P to open Command Pallete and find “Open link under cursor in new pane” which will open link in new pane.

command-click on Mac. It works. Thank you!

What does Pin do? I pin things and nothing seems to happen.

Pin should prevent your “pinned note” to be closed by opening another note.

You can try to pin your note and open another note. It should be opened in another pane.

Aha! Got it. Like I said… rookie questions.

Actually, I wasn’t sure about Pin behavior until tried to answer your question :slight_smile:
Never tried to use it before.

So this WYSIWYG editor will blend Preview and Edit into more of a singular experience? When is that expected? Because so far, that’s my main stumbling block with Obsidian vs Roam. Especially on a 13-inch laptop, splitting screen space between Preview and Edit panes of exactly the same text is awkward.

There’s no concrete timeline beyond the roadmap:

See also the main thread on this feature request: A WYSIWYM (Typora-like) editing mode

The other way of doing it is to use Typora as your editor. Obsidian and Typora can work on files in the vault folder. You can have both open at the same time with Typora on top while are writing.

Won’t be as smooth an experience as the Obsidian WYSIWYG will be, but a full WYSIWYG typing experience direct into your Obsidian vault.

probably just stick with Roam at that rate. Keeps things simple. But as soon as this feature is adopted, I’m in.

For hiding brackets and other clutter, try this hack: