View Structure of Nested Tags on Graph

Use case or problem

Nested Tags creates a structure. Now each of element is shown as a separate tag. It’s not help to discover connections based on them.



Proposed solution

I would like to have a view where a root of nested tag is connected with his childrens and each child with another one.


Additionally it would be fantastic to be able to fold/unfild each level of tags and show connection to selected level.


I would like to see all notes connected to a root nested tag:

#TAGROOT -> connected to all notes where it is used

I would like to see all notes connected to a first level of nested tag:

-> LEVEL1b

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)



This sounds helpful but I am not sure I am understanding completely, so excuse my possible misunderstanding in this following workaround suggestion.

Could you try setting embedded search queries within a note set to a side pane?

If so, but you are requesting this for ease of use and improved interface, I understand and support that. Just thought I would mention this in case it is at all of benefit. This has me back interested in nested tags.


Embedded searches are great. Whan I know to find it’s easy to use them. To discover new information or relations Graph is a better tool . I am using Embeded Search , you can see it there:

According to the case described in the mentioned scenario, it is hard to find which my coworker is the best - which get the biggest number of positive feedback.

Now I’ll get a messy graph with a mix of tags: questions :question: , negative feedback :exclamation:, tasks :gear:, observations :eye:, CR from the meetings :white_check_mark: and finally positive feedback :+1: (because each note can have any of them inside a content)

When I’ll have an option to show only:


I’ll be able to see clusters around some of them and I’ll be able to easily see and discover who is a winner.

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