Excluded Files/Folders should show in their local graph view

Use case or problem

I have a folder “archived” which contains the notes and folders which are not very relevant to my current work. As I don’t want unnecessary clutter on my graph view, I excluded the “archived” folder by going to settings > files & links > excluded files.

While this cleaned up my main graph view, the contents of the folder also became hidden from its local graph view. As a result, I can’t see the connections between the contents of my folder.

Proposed solution

Exclusion Setting should only apply globally, ignore the exclusion in local graph view. If a user is explicitly choosing to view the local graph view of a excluded folder, it is obvious that they want to see the connections inside it.

Current workaround (optional)

None. (I can chose to create another vault for my folder but it can soon become messy if I have multiple folders excluded and there is no way to get back to them from the main vault.)

Related feature requests (optional)

I am using the folder structure with MOCs for my graph view only because the nested tags work like separate tags instead of tree like view requested here: View Structure of Nested Tags on Graph and Link Tags to Subtags in Graph.

If this gets resolved I can hide notes with certain tags from tag pane without any need to use folders and then excluding some of them.

Nonetheless, the main feature I requested is also a obvious one.


I just painted one of my groups in the background color. They still exist on my global graph but dont distract me