Better Nested Tags Visualization and Coloring on Graph View

I was wondering if this can be applied/achieved to the Graph View…

I have built some nested tags, but when I realized that they were shown as “#tagA/tagA1/tagA3…” on graph view, it’s counter intuitive, IMO. Is it possible to show only the last tag of the group?

Another thing is, why child tags cannot be linked to the primary ones (in the graph view)?

Why nested tags (AND their notes) cannot be colored differently of their primary ones on the group filtering of Graph View?


Polymath/OnlineCourses/DataScience on “”
Polymath/OnlineCourses/SignLanguage on “”
Polymath/Readings/Concepts on “”
Polymath/Readings/Authors on “Authors”

(Assume bold and italic words with different colors.)

Use case or problem

To show nested tags individually linked to their primary one (AND linked to their related notes).


Proposed solution

Current workaround (optional)

On the graph view filter group, color just the last tag of the group with the nested pattern (#tagA/tagA1/last-tag…) → Should be at least (#last-tag)


  • View Last Nested Tags Individually? (no workaround)
  • Link Nested Tags with each other? (no workaround)
  • Color Individual Nested Tags (has workaround on group filtering)
  • Implement Colored Tags on Tag Panel (based on group filtering)? (don`t know)
  • Implement Centrality on Graph View (Like Gephi and Cytoscape)

Any thoughts on this?


Yess I would love it if it were implemented! There is also an existing Thread for this I think, it has been around sice January: View Structure of Nested Tags on Graph


Yessss…exactly the same issue. Thanks for the reference.


Tag Display on the Graph View

When displaying the tags in graph view, nested tags are displayed differently so tag/tag1 can be on the other side of the graph from tag as well as tag/tag1/tag2. It makes a mess of the graph when turning tags on as well as duplicates if you frequently use nested tags.

Proposed solution

I believe that showing the head tag and connecting all to that would work best, then maybe having an option to show through what nested tag the notes are connected by could differentiate them.

Current workaround (optional)

Current workaround is to either not use many nested tags or not turn on tags in graph view often if you do choose to use nested tags frequently as it is certainly not an urgent issue either way.

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