(Un) Fold all nested tags

Use case or problem

In the case of having many nested tags, we get a long list. It is unfolded

Proposed solution

  • add an option to fold all / unfold all nested tags in Tag Pane
  • it should be saved - may be a parameter in the config of this panel?

Current workaround

  • Click on each parent tag in Tag Pane to close all of them - every time when Vault or Obsidian is open

This makes sense I second this feature!

Yes I second this!

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Actually, after using nested tags more I think this is really important.

The more I’ve changed my whole system to do #many/nested/tags every time I open (or reload) Obsidian it becomes an uncollapsed mess, and I need to manually fold every tag.


Just for visual reference, this is how I’d like my tags to remain (all foldeded)

opposed to what happens at start up which makes all toggles unfold by default, and each tag needs to be folded manually to return to this organized state.

Unfolded Mess

This is what I need to manually fold every time I reload Obsidian


Edit: Added unfolded tag pane to share how the struggle is real

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My list of tags is even bigger :smiley:

There is a list of all my nested tags:

on the top level it fold to:

This feature is a must for me:D

Yeah exactly, that’s the problem the screenshot I added above was after collapsing everything.

Same as you this is my default uncollapses tag pane, and it’s a pane to manually fold everything. Specially since I got sub>sub>nested>tags as well

@dkowalski I thought I was in trouble, that new screenshot you just added with all your tags is serious stuff!!

I really hope this feature is added, for every heavy user of nested tags’ sanity.

I love nested tags, but they kind of lose some of their awesome value if they display uncollapsed every time.

This tree grows fast because I create a productivity system.
For example, one of my main nested tree:

#F2F -> a container for notes connected with my coworkers
#F2F/NAME/ -> coworker name

#F2F/NAME/:question: -> questions or issues to discuss with someone
#F2F/NAME/:eye:-> obeservation about someone
#F2F/NAME/:gear:-> task assigned for someone (without a date to be done)
#F2F/NAME/:gear:/Y/21 -> task assigned for someone, to be done during a year the 21
#F2F/NAME/:gear:/M/21/01 -> task assigned for someone, , to be done during a month 01 in the 21 year
#F2F/NAME/:gear:/W/21/05 -> task assigned for someone, to be done during a week 05 in the 21 year
#F2F/NAME/:gear:/D/21/01/13 -> task assigned for someone, to be done during in 13 day od 01 month in the 21 year
#F2F/NAME/:+1: -> positive feedback
#F2F/NAME/:white_check_mark: -> summary of a meeting with a coworker
#F2F/NAME/:exclamation: -> corrective feedback

I am working and talking with ~100 people and this structure grow exponentially:D

I am using embedded search queries and it works fine.
I do not often use this tree but for sanity, it would be better folded.

When I add to a note this:

/- [ ](.*)#F2F/NAME/

I get a list of all undone thinks connected with someone

A embeded query like this:

``` query
/- [ ] #(F2F/(.))/(.)/((W/21/03))/

show me all issues for a Week 03 in 21 year for all my coworkers.

Queries are generated automatically by templete enginge and Calendar plugin.

Nested tags are really powerful :smiley:


that’s a cool set up! In my case I go straight to the tag pane to select the tags and sub tags I have in there, so having them collpased is something I have to manually do every time.

If you find out a workaround to collapse them let me know, not sure if there’s some way to do it from the console perhaps


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FYI, the Tag Wrangler plugin seems to work well for this (though only for 1st level tags at the moment - I’ve submitted an issue to work for other levels as well).

But yes, this seems like something that should be a core functionality

Reviving an old feature request: Any word on whether a core tag list folding/unfolding feature might be in the works?

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