Link Tags to Subtags in Graph

Hi everyone,
first, thank you for this amazing Application!

Use case or problem

Subtags and Tags currently have no Connection in the Graph-View but are completly separate.

Because I don’t want a Connection between the Main-Tag and the SubTag lost, this makes me tag my Pages like this at the moment:

#books #books/fiction #books/fiction/fantasy

But this on the other hand leads to a lot of clutter in the Graph-View,

Proposed solution

It would be nice if Sub-Tags would connect to there parents, so that there is a strong connection between Sub-Tag and parent, but Notes only need to link to their specific Sub-Tag. This would de-clutter my Graph a lot and lead to a nice Tag-Tree.


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How does this differ from View Structure of Nested Tags on Graph ?

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They say they were just looking for a view and did not specifically ask for the subtag to be linked to the tag, although it is not entirely clear as I read and reread it. Originally, I thought they were talking about a variation on the tag pane that also showed the notes containing the tags and nested tags folded within, which is also a cool idea. Someone did suggest this idea in that thread and I will add a link to here. I had already commented that the poster might want to try embedded queries as a workaround.

Like I said in previous comment, automatically linking nested tags may be more helpful to some and less helpful to others so I suspect a toggle could be helpful.



It’s pretty much the same. Didn’t see that post before staring (I always searched for Sub-Tags, not nested Tags) this one, otherwise I would have commented in the other Thread.

I also understand then as essentially the same.
@argentum has split some posts so the original post now exists in both “active” requests.
IMHO, these requests should be merged completely to avoid duplication of efforts.
If needed, we can then discuss which options/differences should be customizable in settings.

My bad! The idea is that the linked thread is the only active one. I didn’t move all comments as they were not related to the request itself, rather we were discussing if the two were duplicates or not! I’ll close this thread now. Please continue the discussion of the feature request in the other thread.

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