Toggle to make the Canvas File Card only display Title

Use case or problem

When I drag the file to the canvas and it became a card in canvas.
The card has the link, tile, and original content. Like below,

I want to add a toggle to make the card only display the title. Like below,

This now can be only resize the card to implment, When the card more and more, this is a huge work.

I think this is useful when there is a tremendous card in one canvas, and it can display the clear structure.

Another question, when the canvas export to the png, the card already has a scroll bar which is redundant.

Proposed solution

Can add a toggle to make card only display Title, this is useful for a lot of card in one canvas


Good idea! Perhaps there could be a toggle command that worked upon selections. I did find another matching request here: Canvas 'Overview' mode - where only titles are shown (hide note body)



Thanks for reply, futher more, when I edit the title card, the better way is pop up the side tab for the large screen(maybe 27inch). Like this

I think this have a good edit Experience, because the card edit is too small for file which have a lot of lines.

NOW, I can only right-click the card, open it in new tab, and drag this tab to right, seems not convenient.

Better way, left screen is my canvas, right screen is my file, when I toggle a button for the target card, the right screen change accordingly.


@eyetoreedom Very True! I think you will like this request: Open to the right: add option to reuse a tab group if there is one already open


I revised your title slightly to make it sound less like a help request. I borrowed the wording from your post, but I can can change it again if you want something different. I also added the “canvas” tag.

OK, i was not a native speaker, If you think it’s better, just do it, Thanks.