[Canvas] Introduce a fold card option

Use case or problem

Reduce the visual clutter in large canvas by providing the ability to “fold a card”.

Proposed solution

Provide a “fold a card” option. When a card is folded, only 1-2 lines of text is visible and an unfold button to undo the action.


  • If the card is a file card; the name of the card could be displayed
  • for image cards; perhaps an icon + the name of the file
  • website; the url
  • normal card; first 1-2 lines

Current workaround (optional)

There is a possible workaround for file cards (narrow), however, that does not achieve the same outcome.


Definitely would be great! Here are a few matching requests: Can the Canvas File Card only display Title and Canvas 'Overview' mode - where only titles are shown (hide note body). They are not identical, but pretty close. I do like your vision for it. Also, here is another relevant request: Canvas: collapsable groups



Oh, I upvoted those requests too. Thank you for the pointer!