Canvas 'Overview' mode - where only titles are shown (hide note body)

### Use case or problem
Large canvases tendency to overwhelm of too much information on the page.

Use case: High level overview in canvas, with ability to ‘zoom in’ at various levels of granularity from map → node → note → block**

### Proposed solution
Command-palette item to toggle hide note content, and show only titles in canvas view.

### Current workaround (optional)
Resizing notes in canvas view to only show the title

### Related feature requests (optional)


Only having the title would be too small for me. Assumes I remember the content of each title, which might not be true for very large canvasses.

So perhaps 2 levels of bulk-folding, titles-only, and titles + headings.

However, even if you don’t remember the title of each note, combined with a collapsible sidebar, it wouldn’t matter

Still wouldn’t work for me. I’d far prefer an adjustable minimised setting.

That’s possible already by dragging to expand each note - Doing it in bulk would be extremely useful though, it sounds like something like a bulk slider would be more useful for your use case

This app has a great implementation of mindmap vs ‘aerial’ view


being able to only show the title would also be a requirement for me. Nothing too fancy - just show/hide note content

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Another easy implementation would be a simple command to convert a note to a card with link to the note, and vice versa.

Right now when I want to reference an existing note in a canvas, I’ll often create a card with a link to the note rather than embed the note itself.


Exactly for this purpose (show only headlines in canvas elements) I am trying to create a css snippet. But it would be much easier and more elegant to do it with a single click.