Split notes into blocks/heading sections within canvas

Use case:

Treating blocks/headings within notes as separate cards in the canvas

Proposed solution:

Heading/block level nodes:

Option 1: When pasting a note into the canvas with a modifier key (e.g. ⇧) to split the note into multiple heading-separated cards**

Option 2: On selecting a note in the canvas, displaying an option in the command palette to ‘split’ the note into multiple cards/blocks**

Related feature requests:


Another option would be to have a selector on note cards so that they “lock” to a specific heading, only showing the code under there or at the very least they scroll to that heading when you open the file.

A good use case for this would be for a Dungeon Master’s screen. Rather than creating individual notes for each monster stat block they might want, they might have large notes for related monsters with stat blocks for different monster within the same note. Canvas would be a good way to display multiple of these stat blocks, but it could be inconvenient if they have to scroll down on all the notes to the stat blocks they care about when they load the canvas.

EDIT: Oh, I just found Canvas - Create Node from Note Header or Block which ironically talks about a very similar use case and this specific implementation XD

Both of these would be good though