Canvas: collapsable groups

Use case or problem

Now that we can create groups with objects on the Canvas (1.1.4 insider build), one logical next step is to be able to collapse groups.

Proposed solution

In the mini-toolbar above a group, put a collapse/uncollapse control.


what does it mean collapse a group?

Click the control and the group shrinks to display just the title. Click again and the group expands to show all the content.

Conceptually similar to collapsing an outline in Obsidian by clicking the disclosure triangle next to a header: ▸

Or, on a mind map app such as MindManager clicking the expand ⊕ or collapse ⊖ symbol next to a node.

Or, how MarginNote handles groups

CleanShot 2022-12-12 at 17.44.28


Ok, right now groups are a very lightweight concept. now sure it’ll be possible with the current implementation.

It’s just a feature suggestion, not a “do right now” demand.

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It looks useful. +1 for this Feature Request.

+1 - would be really useful

@RoyRogers Sorry I didn’t find this post when I searched before creating Ability to collapse/expand Canvas groups. It looks like we created them right around the same time, but your request came first. I really hope this gets implemented. There could also be collapsing behaviors similar the folding behaviors of headings. For example, a Collapse All would collapse the selected group and those contained within. I know this idea should be a separate request, but still wanted to mention it here just in case.



+1. This can create much needed decluttering


Or similar to Muse, have a canvas inside a canvas.

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+1 for this. Also that feature could be extended to cards.