Collapsible Cards

Use case or problem

Recently, I’ve switched from using Freeplane to Obsidian, on account of Obsidian’s more flexible Canvas. There is one feature in Freeplane that I miss; the ability to collapse subnodes. I mainly use this software to write dialogue trees, which sometimes branch out into long strands before rejoining at a certain point. Without the option to collapse a branch, this can get pretty messy visually.

Proposed solution

A button/command to “collapse all children” of a highlighted card, which would collapse all cards in its branch unless the branch ends at a summary node (a node that multiple branches lead to).

In other words, this:

Could be folded into this:

Or even further, into this:


Again, something similar to how Freeplane folds nodes, while still being as flexible as Canvas, would be ideal.

Related plugin ideas or feature requests

Similar to collapsible groups, but more specific to folding branches. If collapsible groups ever does become a feature, I may consider this topic “resolved”.