Open to the right: add option to reuse a tab group if there is one already open

Right now, the open to the right command (and ctrl-alt-click) always open a new tab group to the right. This is inconvenient if a user wants to follow a two pane workspace with the main document to the left and a tab group of reference material to the right.

It would be nice to have an option/toggle so that “open to the right” reuses the tab group to the right if one is already present.


Nice idea with me, the canvas will perform this feature better.
Can the Canvas File Card only display Title - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum

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will be implemented in v1.3.1

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This was undone in 1.3.4

This is such a useful feature, could this be an option for users to open a new tab on the other existing tab group rather than always create a new tab group?


Please reconsider. This was a really useful and desired feature and I’m sad to see it go. I wish it could be toggled as an option.


Help, it was such a great feature, is there an option to revert it ?

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I’m so surprised such a great feature was removed! I’ve always needed this tab behavior since first using Obsidian and was happy to see it had been implemented. It’s a shame it was reverted.

Is there any hope it could be added back? Or that we could at least be given an option for it with a separate hotkey and/or the ability to change settings for the “open to the right” behavior?

Thank you!

Why was this changed? Im trying to think but i cant see any benefit to the current behaviour and been missing a lot the praticality of opening on the same group(or even swaping the current show file on the right)

why nobody considers this feature request ?