Todoist Sync Plugin (v1.8.0)

Hi there!

I use Todoist as my task manager alongside Obsidian for knowledge & project management. In doing so, I found that I wanted to be able to view my tasks in Obsidian to reduce context switching.

The result of this is an Obsidian plugin which allows you to materialize Todoist queries into Obsidian note! You can see this in the GIF below :grin:

If you’re interested you can find the source, documentation, and releases on GitHub!

Do give it a try if you’re interested and feedback or bug reports are very welcome (either here or on GitHub) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This plugin has since been ported onto the official API, first available in Obsidian Release v0.9.7 (Insider build). Sideloading through volcano is no longer supported as of v1.5.0.


Love this idea. I don’t use Todoist as I have been using Remember the Milk since 2006. I have flirted with moving several times in that 14 years, but never found what I was looking for. However, combining my main task app with Obisidian is a game changer. I have already flirted with just using Obsidian, however there are some advanced features with RTM (and I’m sure Todoist) that are too valuable to give up. Your plugin solves that.

Hopefully this can be converted to an official plugin to make install that much easier.

Thanks for this.


@dddave I very much plan on using the official plugin API when that releases!

For what its worth, it looks like Remember the Milk has an API too, so something similar should be possible there too! :smile:


Thanks for going to the trouble of making this. Going to give it a try after banging my head trying to set up some sort of todo system for Obsidian. ; )


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I noticed this naturally doesn’t work when opening in other apps like 1Writer on iOS, etc. so for easy access to Todoist, I added this link code to the page:

[Open Todoist app](todoist://)

Clicking on it will open up your Todoist app on iOS and Android. It’ll also work on the Mac!


P.S. If you want the link to open to a specific view on Todoist, here’s details:

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BTW I noticed I had to run Volcano when Obsidian was updated to get Todoist to show up again.


@Solari I didn’t realize that Todoist had URL schemes like that. This opens up some interesting possibilities! :thinking:

BTW I noticed I had to run Volcano when Obsidian was updated to get Todoist to show up again.

This is expected since Volcano injects some code into Obsidian, each time Obsidian updates you’ll need to rerun it. :slight_smile:

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:flushed: if each task could become the name of a ms files and and note in it… It would be a have changer and finally make me chose from obsidian vs roam.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this? Could you expand on this idea?

I’m thinking of building this kind of workflow for Things3.

I would love to be able to create ToDo’s on a page and have them show up in my things inbox including a link to the note. From there I could put them in the correct Area/Projects. Now the killer feature would be that the ToDo in Obsidian would be updated with info from things (Name of the project it under etc) and that it would be checked of when done in Things. This way you could create and see individual ToDo’s but the actual ToDo management would be in Things.


Does anyone have anything similar for MS Todo?

I am deep into the Samsung and Windows partnership and its perks. Please point me towards any such integrations/resources if they already exist.


If you find a way please let me know :pray:t2:

Guys, I’m looking for ways to add tasks to Todoist directly from my daily notes. Are the known ways how to do that? Would really appreciate if you can advise some script or any other working possibility. That would really increase effectiveness cause I could start my morning pages and at the same time build the plan for the day.

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I’ve just now released v1.4.0. It has a selection of new features including the ability to group tasks based on the project/section that they belong to!

Check it out - :tada:

I’ve also released a theme which has built-in support for this plugin, if you’re interested check it out too!


Do you think there is any way to enter text into Obsidian and have it show as a task in ToDoIst? I often find when taking notes that I think of things to do and it would be good to do a simple quick add into ToDoIst without having to switch app.

@karatechopping Yup, that’s on my radar :grin:

I’m tracking it here


This plugin has been ported onto the official Obsidian API and released in v1.5.0!


I’m into the idea of this plugin but for the life of me can’t get it to work. I’m using 0.9.11, installed from Third Party Plugins. Enabled it, used some sample code. It’s just not rendering anything when I click over to preview mode.

Is it essential to put my API token somewhere? The instructions are a little vague on where to put it.

Any help appreciated!

@ajgxyz Create a file named todoist-token directly in the .obsidian folder (not the plugin’s folder) and put the API key in it as plain text, with no metadata or other information.

Took me some trial-and-error to figure it out, too.

@jamiebrynes7 - please consider clarifying this in your instructions.

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Thanks, I got it working. I just got confused by the ‘ignore this file’ part of the instructions. It’s obviously needed for the plugin to work but you ignore it from syncing for security.