TickTick sync

I just saw a plugin that syncs Todoist with Obsidian. My Task manager of choice is Ticktick. I’m not a developer but if someone could make a plugin like that, it’d be really helpful for me and other Ticktick users


Just an alternative for now (while waiting for the plugin), you can embed ticktick in Obsidian by using iframe. Someone has did it.


Try to copy and paste this code to a new blank note in Obsidian.

<iframe src="https://ticktick.com/" style="position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%; border:none;  height:100%;">

Then switch the note into preview mode.


There is an unoffical python API for TickTick, I was hoping someone would have developed a script for a sync between TickTick and Vault.

I tried using the API, I could atleast add a task to my Inbox easily via a script. I am just too noob to try and build an efficient script for it, if someone could help, it would be great.


Came to mind to put here a link to the developer API, and another to the python unofficial API, just in case someone wants to make a sync script/plugin. From my experience python version works really good.

However, have no experience in developing Obsidian plugins (:


Bless you and thank you so much!!!


I’m also waiting for the addon for ticktick to be made impatiently.


I’d love to see a TickTick plugin as well! It would be amazing. Will give the embed a go for the time being.


I’m waiting for that great plugin too, And I bet MKBHD waiting with us too😅 LOL.

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@tkatan made one only availeable for mac
tkat0/obsidian-ticktick: TickTick integration for Obsidian for macOS (github.com)


Has there been any progress with a TickTick plugin, besides MacOS/ios. I’m using Android and Linux.

A really simple workaround, thank you!

Can you sync ticktick to a calendar (gcal, nextcloud webdav, etc) and then sync the calendar to Obsidian?

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So you just log in again every time?

Kinda. You can display calendar information in ticktick and are able to publish a ticktick task calendar to your app or service. There is a way to have google calendar information managed and altered in Ticktick, but last time I checked on that it was mostly not working nicely. The Ticktick calendar is non-writable from external.

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The workaround I’ve been using is the Open Gate plugin that allows you to embed a website as a panel in Obsidian. I have it set on my right-sidebar and there is an icon link on my main toolbar on the left side.

Login remains persistent so I don’t have log back in every time. Limitation is that it doesn’t actually interact with anything inside of Obsidian, just an embedded web view.


This is interesting- as of now I don’t see any benefits to having the actual app next to Obsidian, or am I missing something?

i spend a lot of time working in obsidian. i like being able to quickly toggle open my todo list and add/check tasks without having to switch to another app. i have ticktick in my right-sidebar so i can just Ctrl-R to toggle open and do what i have to do. streamlines my workflow, that is all.

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Sure, there is no right or wrong in personal productivity! I am using the App and do basically the same using the quick entry feature from the ticktick app that works anywhere. I am not even sure that I would want tighter integration with Ticktick- keeping some stuff organized in its own silo has its advantages: no sync conflicts, no lost elements (typos in the md leading to tasks not appearing). When I think of a task right now, I simply muscle-memory to the quick-entry window and type away.

Thanks! It’s really help me.

This plugin was just added to the community plugins, but I can’t manage to get it working.