Summarize Daily Notes Using Dataview

If you use front matter in your daily notes, via a template or otherwise, you can use data view to create a note that summarized all your daily notes:

This how the daily note looks like with the front matter key:value pairs:

This how the summary file will be generated:

This is the Dataview code used:

table Summary, Reading, Mood, Diet, Exercise
from "Daily Notes"
where Reading !=null

I hope you find it useful.


Also, you can use the inline Key:: Value as well if you like something to be a part of the note body and not be hidden in YAML. And that works with tags! I used to have a #watched tag which I’d write in my daily note bullets where I watched an interesting YouTube video or movie. Now I do it like this,

- Some note about something
- #watched:: [[Inception (2009)]] with [[John Doe]]
- More notes about other things

And the query in my Watch Log note,

TABLE watched as Watched
FROM #watched
SORT file.ctime ASC

Caveats: The Key:: value part needs to either be on it’s own line OR start as the first part of a sentence. Something like

I #watched:: Inception doesn’t work but

Woke up late today. #watched:: Inception works.


These are great tips! They take Dataview to a new level by organically integrating it right into the body of the note itself instead of the front matter.

Many thanks