Show a complete preview of the canvas (including text) when a canvas is embedded in a note

Use case or problem

This allows for easier implementation of canvases hand-in-hand with notes.

Proposed solution

A well-sized image of the canvas being referenced could be portrayed, similar to how images already work in obsidian.


@Yawnxer you are referring to something like this, right?


I cant use Canvas as a Mindmap inside a note because ![[Example_Canvas]] only shows empty blocks with no text in it

Proposed solution

an easy solution would be to enable the ! preview command fully so that also the text inside the blocks are shown inside the note

added value to obsidian

I think that being able to fully display a canvas inside a note is a big and important step for obsidian. Right now people have to make screenshots of the canvas and put them in the note. Canvas is such a great and amazing tool - lets expand the usecase to notes!


this would be really useful, the current state of embedding canvases without any content is almost useless…

I understand how this would be a pain to render for liek really large canvases but for small diagrams I think this should b a basic feature