Preview canvas files (in View Sync version history)

I’ve noticed that obsidian-version-history-diff plugin can not render canvas files when using “Sync: View Sync version history” command (message “Unable to preview canvas files”, screenshot attached). The plugin’s maintainer suggested (Feature request: canvas support · Issue #27 · kometenstaub/obsidian-version-history-diff · GitHub) this should be a general Obsidian fix / feature request.

Since I am not entirely sure whether the problem is the same as in Show a complete preview of the canvas (including text) when a canvas is embedded in a note I am opening another feature request.


I’ve just realized this feature is unrelated to the “Version History Diff” plugin but is a base Obsidian feature. Can’t edit the topic name though.

I changed the title. It was: “Preview canvas files (in Version History Diff plugin)”. Does the new one look alright for you?

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