Perlite - publish your Notes to your own Web Server

I searched for alternative way to publish my notes to my own web server. And this without converting anything extra to html or so on.

My goal was, to just take my Vault and drop it into my www root directory and the hole site should build up by itself.

As I couldn’t find any suitable solution, i decided to create my own: Perlite

Maybe there is someone else who have a need for this, so I decided to share this with you: GitHub - secure-77/Perlite: A webbased markdown viewer optimized for Obsidian



Wow, great! Thanks alot :smile:

You are welcome :slight_smile:
If you have any feature requests or idea to make it better, just let me know!


You two should talk : Profile - Amlan - Obsidian Forum

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Hi jdeas,
yea i already took a look at this solution, its a different approach to reach the same goal. Iam not sure if there is a way to merge this two different solutions but maybe if i have some time i will take a closer look an get in contact with Amian :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea!


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just want to let you know that i have released a new version, links to other files and pdf are now working and also some other little changes:

  • added support for inplace links
  • added support for PDF files / links
  • changed inplace image behavior
  • new logo
  • added favicon
  • adjust image view in about modal
  • changed “About” behavior
  • added changelog
  • outsourced docker instructions from readme
  • changes link behavior (added link get parameter to fix problems with unwanted queries)
  • removed “not allowed” content
  • added cookie for theme settings
  • adjust mobile margins


Hello. Is there a way to make it noob friendly ?

Hey @ChillWithDali

Depends on what you mean with “noob friendly”. There are some settings that you can adjust but per default it works without any code changes.

At least you need a Webserver with PHP where you can put the content of the /perlite folder in it, in the same folder you can put your Obsidian Vault and the page will build up by it self.

If you have any idea how to make this more simply, please let me know.


This looks great.

I really want to be able to publish sites privately that are protected behind a login.

(i.e. checks a list of users and passwords and only lets authenticated people load the site)

Any chance you will be able to implement that?

I could do it using Apache and .htaccess but it’s a very ugly solution.

Hey @TimJJ,

Thanks for your feedback. I already thought about such implementation for specific folders in the Vault. But something like that would require a lot of more effort because you need some kind of backend system to administrate this access and rules, a session management, bruteforce prevention and so on… So to be honest, right at this moment i am not planing to implement this feature in the near future.

If you only want to restrict the access to the whole vault i would recommend some kind of infrastructure based authentication like .htaccess or mutual authentication or something like that.