A Free & Open Source "Obsidian Publish" Alternative

Hi guys,

If you love Obsidian Publish then this one might be for you.

You can try out a demo version :seedling: here.

Note: This demo use the same Obsidian Help Vault that come with Obsidian desktop app. Which is rendered almost the same as offical Obsidian Help

Main features:

  • :white_check_mark: Drop-in support for (default) Obsidian Vault
  • :white_check_mark: [[Wiki Link]] built-in support
  • :white_check_mark: Folder-base navigation side bar
  • :white_check_mark: Backlink support out of the box
  • :white_check_mark: Interactive Graph view
  • :white_check_mark: Easy to deploy to Netlify, Vercel…

Start building & publishing your digital garden note following this guide

I share my product update daily on Twitter #buildinpublic, follow me :bird: tuancm to get the latest.

Let me know your thoughts on this! :heart_eyes:


This looks wonderful. The Obsidian Publish is overpriced for what it offers. One the key functions must be search. Will Mindstone eventually have this capacity?


Great. I would love to read more about the dev process. Don’t hesitate to shout out when you can integrate the publishing modal, similar to the Publication Center feature from oleeskild to make it easier to understand what files were published, which has changed, been deleted and are yet to be published.

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I have a few of these feature in future roadmap. Please stay tuned :sunglasses:

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good work @tuancao , still pretty new with obsidian, and yes looking for an alternative for obsidian publish maybe adding some additional features like :

  • User management e.g (auth & permissions)
  • Note Level access

would be great, and I think they’re gonna be a lot of teams gonna need it for their knowledge-based system :smile::+1:


What a wizard, thanks a lot, I got it up and running in 5 min.

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Adding, I wonder how do you handle images in this repo:

I’ve noticed your notes go on posts folder, while images go into public/images folder. The final references in your notes begin with /images/...

When I attach images in my desktop editor the links end up something like file:///home/user/obsidian-project/public/images/... and end up broken in my published page.

How can I provide the proper relative reference without manually editing each and every image link?

Thanks @agung2001 for your suggestions!

As for user management, I think it’s too early for me to think about it, because MindStone is meant to server personal use rather than team usage. For team usage, I think https://docusaurus.io/ or gitbook might be better solution :thinking:

As for Note level access, I think it can be simple as supporting Front Matter with publish: true/false. That can be done and in my future roadmap.


Thanks for the kind words @francofx2 .

Image support is a missing feature, I’m working on it as right now. Please stay tuned.

thanks @bryan00 .

Indeed, I bumped into a lot of issues when trying to parse wiki-link style. I’ll probably do some blog post about this.

Great. Just hope that u won’t use the same key:value pair as Obsidian Publish in frontmatter for publishing. It might cause unexpected conflict

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Hey guys!

Is it possible to run this in Github pages instead of Netlify?
I’ve been struggling with local node/nodejs versions and can’t run locally for some reason. Github could build faster than Netlify.


@tuancao , What a great work.
Can’t wait to see the Andy’s Sliding Mode in action.

@tuancao Thanks a lot for a great work!
As for using images, there is some workaround mentioned in your instruction - is there any by now?

Hey @Poznyak ,

The work around is to copy all of your images from your obsidian vault into /public/images folder of the project.

Give it a try and let me know.

These are just some basic features for MindStone v1, many more are coming (if I find enough of interest and this will probably a premium/paid option):

And no reason there should not be a paid option. Absolutely charge for it. This looks great by the way. I hope you can make a go of it.

Anyone complaining about obsidian publish pricing should recognize they are getting a class-leading markdown editor and note system for free. Not everything can or should be free.


Thanks for your kind words! Yeah, building this tool make me appreciate how much effort it is to build Obsidian Publish.


Hello !
I love your solution, but… It is totally unusable on mobile : sidebar disappear on mobile, and you can change page or file because… You don’t have folder tree :confused:

It is possible to create a hamburger menu to open and close the folder navigation?

I made a issue on your repo about this.

Today, more than 50% of the internet navigation is on mobile, so… A support for that is really needed!

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Wonderful, thanks for developing and sharing as open source.

Thank you for this! I am going to try it out!