[Publish Alternative] - NextJS Publish

I’ve created a Obsidian Publish alternative for two reasons

  • as a challenge to learn more about NextJS
  • ability to self host / or host on Vercel
  • create an open source project

I know there is a lot of features that still could be added, but for my case it works. Although I’ll be taking a break from this project, I’m willing to take feature requests or merges from other devs.

Github - Nextjs Obsidian Publish (codename: Pyrite Publisher)

Live Site



  • markdown conversion
  • callout blocks
  • interactive graph view built on D3.js
  • File Tree navigation
  • Sticky Table of contents
  • site search with Fuse.js

Inspired by


Can I ask why you decided to build it (other than having fun) given the alternatives that already exists? What were you missing?

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Sorry for the necro-comment.
What would be the alternatives you’re mentioning?

Will gather the links for you and post them here