Alternative to Obsidian Publish (support wiki link style and folder navigation)

Hey guys,

I’ve released this as open source.

:dart: Check it out here: A Free & Open Source "Obsidian Publish" Alternative

I’ve been looking for alternative to Obisidian Publish which would give me more freedom, and probably cheaper cost to maintain however most of the open source projects I found don’t support [[Wiki]] link style. So I set out to build my own solution.

Below is a video demonstrating its functionalities.

With Obisidian Help Vault drop in to a folder, with no change at all, it generates a static site with some basic functionalities like Obsidian Publish:

  • Folder/File Navigation style
  • [[Wiki style linking]]

You can checkout the its demo here:

Let’s me know what you think!


Love the idea. I’ve been looking for something similar for more flexibility.

Care to share how you did it?


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Thanks @Solari,

I’m using NextJS framework, with core implementation using remark-wiki-link library with some code I borrowed from this

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I saw on a Twitter post by you this as well:
Is there a way to create this from Obsidian notes?

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I believe he/she build his/her own system for this, from this Github repo (which contain a lot of interesting implementation), it’s built with Python and Javascript + Notion.

His/her Twitter account also has a lot of cool stuff.

Hey !
I check a little but to bad, mobile navigation doesn’t work. Your forgot to made the site responsive.
Also, maybe add a support fort ![[]] and !()[] for file.

Maybe add a graph navigation as I saw in publish or some alternative? (Like Quartz)

TBH I’m not a huge fan to create a copy (css-design) of the official Publish.

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Thank @Mara-Li , thanks for your helpful feedback.

About the part of copying Obsidian CSS, it’s just for proof of concept and making it more presentable and comparable.

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Hey guys in case you’re interested in maintaining your own garden, take total control over it, here I made a Free & Open Source :point_down: