Pubsidian - FREE and ELEGANT obsidian-publish alternative

This is so cool. Right now I use method described here wpsync – Markdown to WP – and goodpress
GitHub - maelle/goodpress: WIP!! R Package to Write Posts from R Markdown to Wordpress
Although goodpress is for r markdown. Or one could first convert the markdown to html and then post it to wordpress

Tried to implement that. But the main problem is Obsidian uses wikilinks instead of conventional mdlinks. That’s why it requires separate markdown parser. If anyone helps me in that part, I don’t have any problem to use .md file with the official obsidian-css to build a website.

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Thanks a lot.

So, far I have only enabled search features to find the name of the notes. Content search and tagging will be introduced in the upcoming build.

As I have mentioned earlier, obsidian uses wiki-links, that’s why it’s bit more cumbersome to convert it to html.

we are waiting for it :slight_smile:

You two should talk Perlite - publish your Notes to your own Web Server

I create a python script to convert wiki links to markdown standard links : obsidian-share/ at master · Mara-Li/obsidian-share · GitHub

It’s the convertlink function (l. 153).

Moreover, if you want to take some part of my script I will be happy! My project is to simply share some obsidian note so, a blog that copy totally obsidian plus would be super cool!


Thank you so much. I will definitely look into your code. :hugs:
Meanwhile, please feel free to optimize/ modify/ upgrade my code, especially the “md2html” function (line no. 70). Thanks in advance. :smiley:

What do you mean by “Full text search” ? :thinking:

Great work. Thanks for your effort. I’m curious if there is an option to hide the acknowledgement at footer? (the “Created using Pubsidian” part)

@bryan00 Yes definitely :full_moon_with_face: Just remove data.js script from the index.html. But, in that case, you have to code the navigation list manually :sweat_smile:

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@Amlan: great stuff, well done, your output looks very professional too, nothing to be ashamed of, something to be proud of. :+1:

The netlify link in your OP is dead.

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@Vagabond: full text search means it search in the contents of the notes too, instead of just the note titles.

@Klaas Thank you so much for your kind words. I’ve updated the netlify link as well as the instructions to convert obsidian notes. Feel free to inform me if you have any query/ suggestion. :smiley:

WOW… Looks Sooo Professional :heart:. All the best for upcoming developments :smiley:

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It feels to me it’s better to just use static site generator like Zola or Hugo. You can host static websites for free on github/gitlab/cloudflare pages or netlifly/neocities.

The difficult/costly part is actually adding the search and graph view.

I visited the demo site, provided by the author. Looks cool, note-search and graph view are also working fine. If it had a full text search, then I guess it could be a serious competitor of obsidian-publish.

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Well, the usual search solution for static website are either rather costly and/or a lot of work. But just for reference for other people, some of them that are often mentioned: Algolia (expensive), typesense, meilisearch, lunr.js.

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So far I have put a simple note-search, where you can search the name of your note inside pubsidian. Since, I’ve decided to keep pubsidian FREE and LESS DEPENDANT on other libraries, I’m currently working on my own full-text search algorithm, optimized for pubsidian. Implementing AI-powered site-search like Algolia seems a bit too heavy for a site like pubsidian and may act on the overall responsiveness of the site. Being a solo developer with zero budget, this will take time; but I promise, once completed, it will open create a new dimension for pubsidian. :smile:

can you add support for latex parsing inside obsidian notes.