I made a open source Obsidian Publish alternative

This is an open-source Obsidian Publish alternative.

Obsidian is good for taking note / writing documentation but not good enough for reading. Since Obsidian Publish is too expensive for me :thinking:, I start making a free alternative.

This project is under development. So there are some limitations.


It’s like you’ve sent your flyer to your competitors. :rofl:


@djyde Thanks for sharing this. It looks like the type of thing I’ve been looking for. I just need a way to view my notes online if I don’t have access to my own device.

I’ll keep watching the project. Its still a bit too young for my level of technical expertise.

Have you looked at these projects?

Thank you ver much for sharing! It seems like a cool thing. I say ‘it seems’, because unfortunately I didn’t manage to let it work. My programming knowledge is zero, so I don’t even know how to “start a static server to preview the site”. Could you or someone else help me with this?

i also searched a long time for a good and practicable solution to push my notes to the www.
Finally i wrote my own solution, maybe its useful for someone else: Perlite - publish your Notes to your own Web Server


Hey guys,

I’ve made a similar publishing tool but more toward Obsidian Publish style (Using NextJS if anyone care :smiley: ):

  • Obisidian Wiki Link style
  • Folder/File Navigation Side Bar

I’d love to hear more feedback too improve it.